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Our homes are our little sanctuaries.
Naturally, as we spend a considerable amount of time there we are always
looking to improve on space, design and quality.

Whether you are looking to do a full or part house renovation, Tobli Construction takes care of the whole process for you.

We take pride in completing all projects on time, within budget and a growing list of happy clients.

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House Renovation

A Sometimes, the look we desire or the space we require, needs a whole house renovation.

At Tobli Construction, we take care of all the neccessary steps to bring your dream space to reality. 

whether it’s a house extension, loft conversion, bathroom or kitchen renovation, or even creating an inviting an outdoor space, we will work hard to deliver a project that is in line with your goals and vision for the property, on time and within budget.

House Extension

A house extension is one of the most common type of house renovation.  It not only creates more space but also adds value to your property.

We cover all types of House Extensions including:

Loft Conversion

Could you do with an extra bedroom, or a study, or even a play room for your little ones? 

Then a loft conversion could be the solution you need to provide the extra space. 

Tobli Construction will provide a high-quality and cost-effective plan for your renovation. 

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen is the heart of the home!

Reality is, we spend a lot of time in our kitchens. Whether we are cooking a warm, hearty meal or simply dinning with our family, we want that to be a pleasant and memorable experience. 

Kitchen renovations are some of our favourite type of renovations because we know, in our heart of hearts, memories will be built there. 

Bathroom Renovations

Getting tired of that old bathroom look?

Add luxury to your bathing experience with a total bathroom renovation.

Whatever space you have dreamt up, Tobli Construction will work hard to overdeliver. 


Ever dreamt of your outdoor space being your little escape to paradise?

Or perhaps you want a garden that is child friendly or maybe even a challenge for your little ones. 

Tobli Construction has extensive experience in delivering landscaping projects. If you need to transform your outdoors, look no further than Tobli Construction.


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